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Hello and Welcome to my site about beautiful and talented Ashley Tisdale.Here u can find all latest pics and news.I really work in this site so hard.And please leave me a nice message that makes me happy and this site is mix of myblog and piczo updates was on my blog but pages are on the piczo...xoxo//Arny


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IheartBillandAshley.myblog.de is no way affiliated with Ashley Tisdale and i don't know her and her producent.This is only fan page created by Ashley's fan.u can contact me on e mail:iheartbillandashley@hotmail.com


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Ring in the new year with Ashley!

Here's your chance to rock out with V Factory on New Year's Eve! Join band members Asher Book, Nathaniel Flatt, Jared Murillo, Wesley Quinn, and Nick Teti as they ring in 2009 with a bang at NewPhoria at McKay Events Center in Orem, Utah!

The big bash happens next week with a special performance by David Archuleta and special guest host Ashley Tisdale, who just happens to be Mr. Murillo's girlfriend.

Tickets are 25 dollars you can pick them up at
27.12.08 14:17

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