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Shape's New Cover Girl: Ashley Tisdale!

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you probably tought Ashley Tisdale had a pretty good bod just from seeing her in the High School Musical movies, butthe new cover of Shape magazineis an eye-opener. Posing in a yellow bikini, Ashley reveals a highly toned figure that is the result of a cardio and resistance combo training workout, three to four days a week. Ashley tells Shape she used to hate the gym and ate junk food whenever she wanted until she injured her back of the set of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The lingering injury made her realize she needed to strengthen her core and head to the gym, a place she hated. "The gym felt like torture!" she tells Shape. "Now before I work out I think, 'I love exercise' - and it works." In addition to upping her workout, the 23-year-old also changed her eating habits, as a result of a family history of diabetes. "I realized just how much exercise and eating right make a difference in how you feel now and when you get older," Ashley said. She spoke to Shape exclusively about these changes and how they've not only benefited her body, but also given her a healthy dose of confidence. "I may live in Hollywood, but that doesn't mean I lead a Hollywood lifestyle," says Ashley. "My mom never drank or smoked. I learned from her to embrace being different rather than be intimidated by it." That skill came in handy last year when she had surgery for a deviated septum that was affecting her voice. Tabloid reports were not kind. "I had to recover from the operation in front of the whole world, and a lot of photos were taken of me while my nose was still swollen," she says. "Some people made a big deal out of it, saying I had plastic surgery to change the way I look." The way she looks now is the result of her work with Los Angeles trainer Christopher Hebert, who she began working with last summer, the mag says. A combination of cardio and resistance training with a large focus of strengthening Ashley's core has put her in great shape. Her routine includes running stairs with a medicine ball, holding the weighted ball overhead and jogging up and down a set of stairs 10 times while skipping every other step. The mag features her complete workout, which you can do at home in 20 minutes.

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