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Hello and Welcome to my site about beautiful and talented Ashley Tisdale.Here u can find all latest pics and news.I really work in this site so hard.And please leave me a nice message that makes me happy and this site is mix of myblog and piczo updates was on my blog but pages are on the piczo...xoxo//Arny


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IheartBillandAshley.myblog.de is no way affiliated with Ashley Tisdale and i don't know her and her producent.This is only fan page created by Ashley's fan.u can contact me on e mail:iheartbillandashley@hotmail.com


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Behind The Scenes Of Shape Cover Shoot

If you thought Ashley Tisdale looked good on the cover of the new issue of Shape magazine (brought to you exclusively by Radar earlier this week) then take a look at her posing for the shoot on this exclusive video. The High School Musical star talks about the workout that has gotten her in killer shape and reveals one key secret why she never gets bored: She has a good looking trainer! Check out the exclusive video for more.


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